Report on Celebration of 6th International day of yoga

ITM Business School , Kharghar faculties, staff, students and their family members celebrated the 6th International Day of Yoga on 21st June 2020 through  google meet arranged by Dr Jasmine Jha and with the guidance and support of Dr Lakshmi Mohan and Dr Veni Nair.

This was the first time that the yoga session was organised online on google meet, making it a very memorable one.

The theme of this year's International Day of Yoga was ‘Ghar Ghar me Yog’ which signifies the importance of staying at home and practicing Yoga with family while observing social distancing. Staying at home would keep you away from contagious Corona virus and Yoga would help keep you and your family in good health.

Keeping in mind this year’s theme all at ITM observed the same and practiced together from their home along with our family members.

This year was special as ITM students conducted yoga sessions on google meet and their batchmates and family members joining as participants. Many students created videos and postures of asanas they performed to celebrate International Yoga day. 

Sharing details and few photos of students who wholeheartedly took part in celebrating international day of yoga with their families & friends online


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