Stagflation: A Precursor to a Global Recession

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The Finance forum, Department of Finance, ITM Business School, Navi Mumbai has conducted Business News Analysis 1.0 on the theme: “Stagflation: A Precursor to a Global Recession" on 2nd July 2022, Saturday. Vedika Kakade introduced HOD of the Finance Department Dr. (CA) Pinky Agrawal and Prof. Sharad Kumar Jha (Assistant Director) ITM Business School, Navi Mumbai. Their precious presence enhanced the confidence and zeal of participants and audience of 62 students.

Dr. Samie Ahmed Sayyed substantiated ‘Stagflation’ with broader perspective. He made successful attempt to put the history, present and future-in making of Global Financial Markets in his explanation in conjunction to market crisis. He started with fundamentals of inflation. He emphasized on inflation and recession correlation with respect to financial crisis scenario from the year 1970 to 1980 i.e. period of recession. In his presentation it was observed that highest inflation experiencing country in the history was Hungary followed by other countries like Zimbabwe, Yugoslavia and Germany. Moving forward with the above content, he shifted the focus of audiences towards Stagflation and India’s global position affected by decision of regulatory body of India i.e. RBI with respect to raise in retail inflation target for FY 2022-23. 

After the insightful briefing by Dr. Samie Sayyed, we further continued with our business news analysis segment performed by three participants followed by their topics, as following :-1. Darsh Thakkar- How much have interest rate gone up in global market?2. Debharghya Mandal- Why do investors in global finance market follow the US Federal Reserve so keenly?3. Vani Patel: Stagflation and its expected impact of global equity markets.Each participant focused on critical elements of the business news analysis such as current market trends, India’s global position, factual and figurative statements and significance of their chosen topics.The session ended with the vote of thanks delivered by Vedika Kakade, student of F1 Batch 2021-2023.Overall, the Business News Analysis 1.0 was successful and illuminating.