SDP: Student Development Program

About MentorBo​xx: We are an EdTech startup based out of Delhi with offices in Pune & Delhi. We aim to provide students with practical learning experiences to help them build a successful career in choice of their field. 

What we provide

  • 50+ short term courses in Management, Technology, Arts & Design { These courses are designed in collaboration with our 1000+ corporate firms and Industry expert and they give the student a real experience and skills needed for day to day operations } PFA details of courses to this mail and also on mentioned our website: www.mentorboxx.com
  • Live Mentorship : A dedicated and experienced Mentor from the field of interest to guide through the entire journey at MentorBoxx.
  • Course Certification : Certificates include Certification of the respective programs. Course completion certificate a letter of recommendation based on the completion of your project. 
  • 2 Industry projects : 1 Mini project and 1 Megaproject will be given to get an industry expert to mentor. This project is equivalent to a final year college project
  • Assured Internships : Post the completion of your program, and completion of industry projects assigned to you. We'll handpick internships for you to apply
  • Life-Long Access to Community: A premium community of experts, students & companies will ensure you get the best guidance
  • Placement Programs - India’s only personalized course which offers Live coding sessions with industry experts, coding questions for practice purposes,doubt clearing over chat/call, Mock tests (technical / Aptitude), Resume building sessions,mock interview, Placement Assistance. Other subject covered are DSA, DBMS, and OS.

Report on Session:

  • The webinar was very informative & new for all the students.
  • It was a fruitful experience as the session was very interactive. Mr. Gautam Ganesh (the Guest Speaker) explained about “The Versatile Role of Business Development” & how the scenarios have changed over the period of time. 
  • He further explained the various aspects of Business Development & what it is all about. Mr.Gautam advised students about the career prospects and opportunities that they should look out for, requirements of recent job roles, problems that are faced by students during throughout their careers and how they can overcome them. He discussed the ways in which students  can stand out of the crowd which was followed by a Brand Quiz with the students. 
  • Then he finally discussed about the MentorBoxx & the opportunity that they provide. The various courses they have and how they provide an internship opportunity to their students. All-in-all the webinar surrounded by giving students a heads up about what the future holds for them and how they should be able to tackle the difficult situations and challenges that come throughout their careers and life.