Retail Management & Marketing Department Webinar Series On “ Retail In Detail “

Retail Management & Marketing Department has initiated the Webinar Series “ Retail in Detail, wherein respective students from RMM Senior Batch will conduct a workshop, session etc for their own batch as well as for juniors. 


On 14th August 2021, Webinar series 1st session in the form of Workshop was conducted by Ms. Aditi Nair and Mr. Mehul Jain on the topic “Online Visual Merchandising using Canva”. This webinar covered all the tools and techniques used to make a business promotional poster. Canva is an application wherein one can make posters, postcards, greetings, etc. We can also add different kind of elements to the poster to make it more attractive to the customers. 


Pictures can be added to the poster as well. There is a huge catalogue of fonts to choose from. Even if someone is using Canva for the first time, they can easily use it without any difficulty. Various small business units use Canva for creating their marketing posters. Students were given assignment for making and submitting the poster based on what they have learnt during workshop. They were very enthusiast and actively participated in it.