Report on TCS Group

To enlighten the students of Marketing Department with the knowledge of IT Sector (TCS) by Tata Group which was held at ITM Business School organized an event- Sector Scan Series.

The session started with a brief introduction about our speakers Ms Amit Batra. He shared his views on TATA Group and its global presence in the world, as well as the establishment of Tata Steel, IT, Motors, FMCG, insurance, banking, tourism, quick commerce, E-Grocery Company etc.

He then went on to explain the Tata Group's (TCS) hiring and onboarding process. Tata Group employs over 10 lakh people, while TCS employs 6 lakh people worldwide.

The interviewing procedure at TCS, according to Mr. Amit Batra, consists of four stages: written tests, technical rounds, HR rounds, and the last round. After that, he talked to marketing students about the B2B sales position at TATA Group. He talked about the vertical and horizontal industries of TATA Group.

Then he discussed TCS' position as the world's second-largest IT service provider, behind Accenture, and how it is the best-known IT service provider in India. The TATA group's net profit and revenue were then covered, along with TCS's share of the group's overall revenue. 

Then he described the interview's fitment section, outlining exactly what the interviewer was looking for: aspirations, attitudes, technical skills, fundamentals, and, lastly, what made you stand out from the competition. The five C's—competence, communication, confidence, consistency, and compass—were then discussed.

Finally, he talked about the career options at TCS and other companies, as well as his advice to choose a reputable company over a high-paying one where your job security is less certain.