Report on Property Pistol

To enlighten the students of Marketing Department with the knowledge of Real Estate Sector by Property Pistol which was held at ITM Business School organized an event- Sector Scan Series.

The session started with a brief introduction about our speaker Mr. Darshan Chitlange, having a versatile background in his field of study or whether it be working experience, he engaged the audience and interacted two ways with them by letting the audience know about the practicality of real life experience of market when it comes to real estate. He shared his views on Property Pistol and its presence both domestic and international. He shared the insights about real estate industry and encouraged the candidates as he mentioned about different types of real estate which are Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural. Real estate is the booming industry and specially after covid the industry now contributes to 9-10% of India’s GDP as people have a need of permanent residence.

He then went on to explain the Property Pistol hiring and onboarding process. They completely work on wisdom and intelligence. They are in the process of expansion of their team as they’re looking to recruit more than 400 people this financial year in all the departments. 

He talked about the roles and responsibilities as an employee working for Property Pistol. He mentioned about continuously interacting with the alumni and learning about the insights of the industry. Real estate being the competitive industry definitely enhances your skills and build your connections.

Mr, Darshan also addressed that in any industry it is important to always have a mentor to guide and get advice throughout. For anyone to excel in any industry he recommended not to look out for work life balance in first 2-3 years. He also acknowledged Property Pistol group's net profit and revenue were then covered.

He mentioned about the verticals in real estate which were Primary, Lounges, Sustenance, Brokers Verticals, Corporate, Affiliate and Mandate verticals. He spoke about the channels of brokers will be the future which are the 3B’s namely Builders, Brokers and Buyers.

Property Pistol was incorporated in the year 2012 and the operations started in the year 2013. They have expanded their operations in 30 cities in India and in Dubai as well. Their CEO is Mr. Ashish Agarwal, who is an IITian Kanpur. They were able to sell 22/25 flats per day, and were able to manage Rs. 5000 crore turnover in previous year. Everything at property pistol is in house. They don’t advertise and promote about their brand rather they use their budget in lead generations.

As a part of Sector Scan series it was a great experience for all the students as the session was very interactive and very insightful.