Firstly, Professor BVR Murty sir gave a brief introduction of Mr.Potdar and the QCFI-Kaizen competition. Mr. Potdar gave information  about the QCFI and a few other organizations like QCFI. He then told us about the 4 different categories for the competition that is Kaizen, Poka Yoke, SMED and LCA. 


Mr.Potdar then explained to us what Kaizen is and the different kinds of Kaizen like Kobetsu Kaizen, Jishu Hozen Kaizen, Plant Maintenance Kaizen, Safety Health and Environment Kaizen. He also explained to us the 3 other different categories that are part of the competition that is Poka Yoke, SMED and LCA. He then went on to explain the Idea sheet to us with the help of an example.

At the end of the session some of us shared our ideas that we had worked for Kaizen competition and Sir gave us some suggestions to put on the idea sheet. Mr. Potdar asked us to complete our idea sheet by 28th and submit it to the QCFI.


We thank the Operations department for organizing this session to help us with the Kaizen competition and to the participants to make this event a successful one,