Prototype to Product


The world has been on the path of progress since the innovation of machines.  We have adopted the best practices and made the changes in our products and services as per the need of the hour 

Prototype to product is about establishing a plan of action to implement  applications to improve service, cost, agility, and control of product and  service. And consistently implementing changes that use these technologies to drive  operational excellence.

About the guests

PMI Chapter delegates

President Mr. Jacob Zachariahc, Jacob Sir has an IT specialization in Banking  Industry. As a project manager, he has experience of over 15 years of.  He was a former chief manager for the State Bank of India for almost 15 years.

Ms. Priya Patra- vice president outreach PMI, Mumbai chapter. She is a program  manager at cap-ge-mini. She is a computer science engineer and has done her  MBA in management information system.  She has more than 8 years of experience

Speaker for the event

Dr. Apurva Joshi vice president- research and development, Indrones solutions  Pvt Ltd.  He has done his engineering in power system studies and is a PhD holder  which he completed from IIT Bombay. Before working at Indrones sir was a  research scientist at IIT Bombay.

What are cooperative control algorithms?

  • Formation flights: A human pilot commands one robot, and the  autonomous robots hold formation and follow 
  • Coverage and search: A team of robots follow a coverage pattern and  search for specific targets

From algorithms to missions

Beyond line-of-sight delivery mission  

A team of robots cooperate on a BVLOS delivery mission. An intermediate  agent acts as a communications relay between the ground station and the  payload delivery vehicle.

  • Take-off  
  • Coverage missions
  • Object detection algorithms
  • Return to base
  • Formation algorithms

Coverage and search mission  

A team of agents take-off from a base station and flock to a designated area,  which they optimally sweep. Each agent is "trained" to detect targets of  interest. Once the target is found, the agents rendezvous at the target, ready  to engage.

Types of tech demos and prototypes

  • Precise payload delivery
  • Real time onboard object detection
  • Prototype delivery drone


In-service Sigma 25 and Sigma 75  Deployed for crowd monitoring and disaster management at Gangasagor 2022


  • Start by solving smaller problems first. Explore and experience your  domain and subject in detail.
  • Use the first principle approach i.e. break down the problem into small  parts and tackle them one by one
  • Mostly you fail, but it is not really failure as you learn through it take  feedback, work on the shortcomings and improve your prototype.
  • Every time you do a task some value must be added to your prototype. So  before doing a task ask what value it will be adding to your product.
  • With respect to customers question whether they are ready to pay for the  solution you are working for and what does it take to get them to pay. 
  • Test your prototype again and again, starting with one small unit to  integrating it each step test the prototype at each integrating stage until  it is ready to be launched as a product