NEN advanced course report

Lesson 1: Revisit what you have learned so far while working your previous milestones of NEN course.

Lesson 2: Learn about Pivoting, types of business models and analyze the business.

Lesson 3: Learn about business plan, sales plan, financial planning, procurement plan for your business/startups.

Lesson 4:  Explore to increase revenue, identify a secondary revenue stream.

Lesson 5: Create funding plan, funding options for your business/startups.

Lesson 6: Setting up a team, hiring new people.

Lesson 7: Creating a branding and channeling strategy, create positioning statement.

Lesson 8: Going digital, leveraging technology, using digital marketing tools and techniques.

Lesson 9: Forecast financial plan, key financial metrics of the venture, getting the pitch deck ready.

Lesson 10: Identifying the legal and professional compliances.

Lesson 11: Seeking support of mentors.


The he briefed us about the following milestones for our NEN advanced course.

Milestone 1: Revisiting your business model.

Milestone 2: Financial model

Milestone 3: Brand strategy

Milestone 4: Pitch the venture

And in the end, he gave us some tips and techniques to reach our startup idea to the next level.