Indian Media and Entertainment Sector

The Marketing Department students at ITM Business School attended Ms. Dipti Sudhakar's third Sector Scan session on the Media and Entertainment Sector.

A brief introduction to branding and advertising set the tone for the discussion. Ms. Dipti discussed her opinions on advertising and touched on several key facets of its methods, processes, and workflow.

She discussed the essentials for succeeding in the media and advertising sector, including the need to connect with the public in order to strategically plan brand promotion.

Since "change is the only constant," as we are all aware, advertising methods significantly changed as per the marketing trends For instance, a brand's colors, logo, packaging, etc.

Media Perspective – Celebrity Endorsement and Influencer Marketing are escalating day by day.

Ms. Deepti Said - Feed Your Brain and Churn Out the Ideas. So here are some tips to rise and shine in Brand and Advertising Industry are as follow:

  • Read Articles
  • Watch TVCs, Movies, OTT platforms
  • Stream Celebrity Interviews