Hackathon 2.0 - Business Analytics & Decision Science

One week Hackathon was conducted by the Business Analytics department which is headed by Dr. Neena Nanda of ITM Business School and the main purpose of this Hackathon is to create a Social Media Analyser. The faculty/Mentor for these sessions was Dr. Vishnu Ramachandran who is a co-founder and also work as Chief Technology and Product in one of the Data science company i.e., Rubix Data Sciences Private limited.

 He and his team help companies to take prudent credit risks, build a robust supply chain and monitor compliance for business partners in India and around the world. He is Professional with successful track record of 18+ years in developing Software as a Service (SaaS) Products and Intelligence as a Service Products (IaaS) involving Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. He developed over 101 ends to end Product Platforms in the BB and B2C space, devised market entry strategies, forged alliances, and partnership to grow the product presence. 

This full one week session was conducted online through Google meet where our BA batch attend the session from 7:30am which included current BA students, and teachers as well.

It was all about the creation of social media analyser here the social media refers to business social media platform i.e.( Glassdoor, indeed , Ambition box) main problem statement was in this era of knowing companies better, we need to dig deep apart from judging them based on their financial statements and other indicators. Also, Employees being an indispensable part of a company, it becomes important to know their opinions. But looking for views & opinions of them and other counter-parties becomes a tedious task, as it is spread across trillions of GB of data, all over internet so to overcome this problem we were required to Design and build a social media analyser API service, which can collect primarily, employee reviews & analyse it of company from various websites on internet. Present it in a simple consumable form for the end user for their better understanding.

Hackathon Objectives

The target social media sites for this hackathon are Glassdoor, Indeed &amp, Ambition Box.

  • Social Media Search
  • Company statistics and reviews
  • Tagging and Sentiment Analysis
  • API Output

Hackathon Teams and Team Composition

The 19 students are divided into 3 teams of 6 members each (one team will have an extra member).

The composition and role of each member will be discussed during hackathon. Each team can be

Further broken up into sub-groups of 2. Each sub-group has its own responsibilities to work upon –

  • Sub-Group 1 – Search and Match
  • Sub-Group 2 – Analysis
  • Sub-Group 3 – Output and presentation

Through all these sessions every groups work was to Research on multiple approaches for the given Social Media Analyser problem. Collect relevant data set. Use different tools and techniques to analyse them and adopt one or more in combination to give the best results. Conduct a final workable demo.

In first 10 session we were mentored and guided thoroughly by Dr. Vishnu Ramachandran sir and their team every day we present him our work which we have progressed every day and he guide us in every 10 session which could be done differently with better results and if any group or subgroups faces any errors or difficulty on any stage, he mentored us perfectly and last 3 session were solely dedicated to review and presentations of our final product or API Analyser 

The session focused on discussing real-life analytical problems and how they can be tackled with various skills, knowledge, and practice. 

It was indeed an amazing interactive session that helped all the participants to understand the world of analytics and its functioning in a much clearer and better way.