Guest Session on Innovation & Entrepreneurship by Mr. Siddharath Wadehra by Operations & Supply Chain Mgt

A. About the Speaker: - 

Mr. Siddharth Wadehra conducted this session on “Innovation & Entrepreneurship”. He has a professional education in Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science. Later he pursued Master of Business Administration Degree from Asian Institute of Management, Manila. He has Worked extensively around Digital transformation, corporate strategy and innovation management and has achieved several milestones.

Currently he is working in QuickReach (BlastAsia Inc.) as a consulting practice lead – Innovation and Digital transformation. He has also served in healthcare industry specifically in Aster DM Healthcare Group as a Sr. Manager in Dubai, Middle east. Other than this he has worked in fintech industry for the company Piggymind OU as a co-founder and CEO. Apart from this he has served in various other domains.

By education, Mr. Siddharth has competed his engineering in Computer Science from Nagpur University. Also, he has completed his MBA from Asian Institute of Management, Manila. Currently he is pursuing PhD (Exec.)  from IIM- Ranchi. Talking about his professional specializations: -

  • Digital transformation in Financial services- Copenhagen Business School
  • Blockchain Revolution for the Enterprise- INSEAD Business School.
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship- University of Maryland
  • Strategic Management & Innovation- Copenhagen Business School
  • Project Management- Rochester Institute of Technology (Micro-Masters) & PMI.
  • Digital Leadership - Boston University
  • FinTech: Finance industry transformation and regulation: HKUST
  • Executive Data Science- John Hopkins University.


B. Organizational Goals: -

  • Organizational goal is nothing but to build disruptive business model that consumers want and that we can execute better than others. Also, building a culture of innovation by deploying digitalization initiatives, launching products, bringing their own alternatives to the existing products or services.
  • Organizational goals are nothing but a strategic objective that a company's management establishes to outline expected outcomes and guide employees' efforts. For the objectives to have business merit, associations should make an essential arrangement for picking and meeting them.
  • Objectives assist with characterizing an organization's motivation, help its business develop and accomplish its monetary targets. Laying out explicit authoritative objectives can likewise help an organization measure their association's advance and decide the undertakings that should be improved to meet those business objectives.


C. What is Innovation?

  • The concept of Innovation is “Something New that creates Value”.
  • Here the word something can relate to a product or service or it could be a customer value proposition or any new way of looking at an existing technology. The New could be a new business and Core is anything that could be an adjacent industry or a white space idea which are relevant to the present one and Value could be more revenues, higher margins, less costs and higher resource velocity.