E-Cell Guest Session by Mr. Ajay Singh (Startup Journey)

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As on 08th January 2022, Entrepreneurship Cell Department of ITM Business School organized a guest lecture on "Startup Journey’’. The guest speaker was,

Mr. Ajay Singh Bankawat (BE, MBA-Mktg) has two decades of work experience in Sales and Marketing with big corporates such as HUL and The Times Group. For someone who used to spend almost every weekend amidst nature enjoying trekking, off-roading, camping and riding… turning to nature came as a natural progression.

He found his IKIGAI in Hydroponics and Aquaponics while on the quest for sustainable and pure food. His advent in the start-up began right before Covid. Needless to say; the journey has been an exciting rollercoaster ride.  He believes that when it comes to the main drivers…

Yesterday was Oil, 

Today is Data and 

Tomorrow will be access to pure & clean food and water

Start-up: MystiqGarden Enterprise Pvt Ltd

Designation:  Director

Firstly, Mr. Ajay Singh Bankawat gave insights on how to become entrepreneur, how to spot opportunities, innovation in your process and he also putted some examples of peoples who are doing great job after post covid. Further he talked about IKIGIA (A Japanese concept) that means `a reason for being` or your purpose for being involved in something else, moving forward to this he has discuss some famous quotes from movies and relate them with real life scenario and after he conclude with motivational quotes “Aapda mein Avsar kesse dhunde”.

At last, it was an overwhelming experience for all students to listen to guest and gain ideas to be a successful Entrepreneur.