Department of Marketing Institute for Technology and Management, Navi Mumbai Workshop for faculty - #1 Writing a winning proposal for funded projects

Dr Sangeeta, a professor and Head of the Research department at the Institute for Technology and Management, Navi Mumbai and an accomplished researcher conducted a wonderful session on the nuances of writing a meticulous proposal to clinch funded project opportunities.  


In the process, she explained the intricacies of topic selection, theme choice and the title finalization.  She also elucidated on the significance of taking enough time to prune the proposal inch by inch before it is submitted for perusal.  She also clarified the difference between the Fellowship research and a sponsored research. 


 In the session which lasted for about 1 hour and 30 minutes, she encouraged the participants to raise queries and handled them efficiently.  At the end of the session she assured of assistance to any faculty who would involve in a funded research