Data Freak Community Meeting

Disscussion was carried on following pionts

  1. Analytics for Data people by Data people
  2. Interaction with speaker about Data Analyst and Data Science
  3. Sort of job roles in a Company
  4. What all data analytics toos are used
  5. Modeling 
  6. Visualization

Points Discussed

  • Analytics has multiple stream in a company. Data Engineer, AL, ML Engineer, Data Scientist 
  • Evaluating business processes, anticipating requirements, uncovering areas for improvement, and developing and implementing solutions. Leading ongoing reviews of business processes and developing optimization strategies these are job roles of a BA
  • Data Engineer has to understand data organize the unstructred data into structrued format.
  • AI and ML engineer comes under Data Engineering thy have to build models on a Large scale for which intensive knowledge of algorythm is needed 
  • There is also Freed infra structure where Product analyst and supply chail analyst
  • Visualization
  • Which chart should one plot. Decision making is an important thing
  • Keep Exploring Datasets start with 2-3 tables, get handon practice, fetching and cleaning the data, choosing which algorithm to apply
  • Hamini’s Manager once said “Garbage in Garbage Out” Keep playing with the data for practice
  • 60% of time goes in cleaning the data
  • Milestones
  • This session was an interactive session conducted on instagram live which helped students to gather knowledge about what actually a BA do in a company as  told by the speaker be Patiance, accept mistake, always keep learning, keep updated yourself and keep practicing