Channel Management in the Retail Sector

To enlighten the students from the Department of Marketing with the knowledge of Channel Management in the Retail Sector by Godrej & Boyce, an event – “Sector Scan” series was organized by ITM Business school.

The session started with a brief introduction of the speaker Ms. Radhika Subramanian, having a versatile background in her field of study or whether it be working experience, she engaged the audience and interacted two ways with them by sharing learnings, key take aways and enriched insights about the sector.

Next, she talked about the important factors that are involved in the opening of brand’s offline store and about the Golden triangle for retail store which includes – Walk-ins, Conversion and Average Ticket Value (ATV) of the store.

Then, she shared insights of e-tailing and importance of channels involved in it. Importance of digital marketing, proper marketing plan and good content for social media, hiring professional photographer as aesthetic look of products is as necessary as with functionality and seamless user experience of mobile website and application. In addition, she discussed that agility and adaptability is the most important skillset for the people working or aspiring to work in the sector along with innovation and creativity. Discussing the importance of marketing she quoted that

“Every campaign has its learning phase” that no campaign becomes famous and successful in a day.

Ms. Radhika also addressed about e-tailing on marketplaces and identifying the place for B2B and B2C. Marketing on marketplace involves – right keywords, Campaigns and SEO. Acknowledging the query about B2B Social media marketing she explained the strategies used by brands dealing in B2B sector. It includes posts oriented about product, new project, PR pieces and testimonials. 

It was a great experience for all the students as the session was very interactive, insightful and everything was explained in a detailed way, along with relevant examples.