Career Pe Charcha - A Reflection On a Career You Love & Follow with Passion

A session was organized by the operation and supply chain management department  at ITM business school in collaboration with Project Management Institute Mumbai  Chapter on 25th Feb 2022. A panel of eminent experts was called to address the  students. Our keynote speaker for sessions was Mr Jacob Zachariah, President, PMI  Mumbai chapter. He has an Its specialization in the banking industry as a project  manager he has experience of over 15 years. We had Meetu Ma’am, she has over 20  years of experience in IT delivery and Agile Transformation. She is an effective  leader and communicator with strong interpersonal, leadership, analytical and  relationship management skills. She is currently the Director of Agile  Transformation & Consulting for Xebia India which is based in Gurgaon. Mr Ajay  Bhargove sir an experienced procurement professional. He is a qualified engineer  graduate and he has worked for the public & private sectors with the organization of  global repute, which includes American, German, French, Indian companies. We  also had Chintan Oza Sir, who is a telecom portfolio management professional with  20+ years of experience in the government, Defence & Private sector currently  working with Lloyds Venture as an advisor. He is a team leader driven by building  alliances and long-lasting sustainable relationships. Last but not least our moderator  for the panel discussion Priya Patra ma’am, is a program manager with over a decade  of experience in managing IT projects in different domains like Finance, healthcare,  transportation, and the sourcing domain.  


She is currently leading the Agile community of practice at the organization of 500+  members. 


The session began with general views about discussions of the audience. Later on,  the speakers concentrated on the key points which are taken care of by the candidates  participating in the group discussion. The key points or the questions which are  asked by the students are as follows  


  • • Career growth in Microsoft Dynamics 360
  • • Implementation of EV system in the logistics system
  • • Significance of SAP modules for a logistic career
  • • Impact of Ukraine- Russia war on global supply chain
  • • Certifications that one should have before entering the SC
  • • Ways to enter a consultancy career
  • • Implementation of JIT concept, Future of SCM
  • • Automation in warehouse

All the questions are answered impeccably, Mr. Ajay Bhargava sir delivered the  answers to questions which are related to procurement, operation supply chain  projects. Meetu Singh delivered the answer related to how automation can change  the labor-intensive industry or warehouse to automation or fully automated  warehouse. The discussion on “Career Pe Charcha – A Reflection on a Career You 

love and follow with Passion” was a great and informative session that cleared the  doubt of the students so that they can go into a better field in near future to achieve  their dream and goals. It was a virtual session the registered and attended participants  were more than 60. On the same day, the department of operation and supply chain  successfully released the Disha volume II Newsletter, students presented the  newsletter in front of our honoured guests.