Career Paths in Business Analytics

We the students of Business Analytics had the privilege to interact with Mr. Irfan Mohd. Firstly, we the students would like to thank our director Dr. Lakshmi Mohan and, Head of Department Dr. Neena Nanda for having organized this knowledge-packed session and also the speaker (Mr. Irfan Mohd) for their valuable time. Dr. Neena Nanda started the session with the introduction of the speaker.

  • Mr. Mohd is an experienced business analyst having 8 to 9 years of experience in different sectors, skilled in various tools and models. 
  • Having a strong business development professional with Diploma in Big Data Analytics mainly focused on Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence. 
  • Eventually, he started his career as a Trainee in Banking Sector, from there onwards he worked in various sectors and is currently working in Citius Tech as a Senior Data Analyst.
  • Initially, he started interacting with students of Business Analytics. The subject matter of his interaction was ‘Career Path in Business Analytics’. 

Topics covered during the session:

  • Introduction of Business Analytics 
  • Hierarchy of Job Roles in Business Analytics
  • Understanding Data
  • Analysis of Data(through algorithms)
  • Platforms available to store and analyze the data
  • Basic Overview of different analytical models
  • Visualizations

Analytics is a constantly evolving field where we deal with large sets of unstructured data. The process requires transferring, analyzing, manipulating, and visualizing the data. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Easy understanding of core responsibilities and duties of Business Analyst
  • Importance of  Business Analyst
  • Growth of Information
  • Forecasting business needs by analyzing data
  • Different approaches toward one specific problem statement
  • Reducing the time required to analyze data
  • Differences between Business Analysts and other Analysts (HR, Finance and Marketing)  profiles
  • Innovative and immersive models which help in effective visualizations and analysis

An interactive question and answer session also had a positive impact on our understanding. We the students of Business Analytics were highly motivated by the knowledge, fruitful insights and skills required shared by Mr. Irfan Mohd which will always remain in our hearts making us more focused by keeping a calm mind and being disciplined towards our responsibilities.