Brand ki baat – session #3

Loads of live examples, fabulous explanation and a wholesome insider’s perspectives….Ms Gauri Awasthi’s session on 09-07-2021 on Zoom was a treat to the participants who had witnessed her talk and dispersed enlightened. Ms Awasthi, Co-Founder of Digital Edify, a digital transformation business house and ex-Fab India, mesmerised the audiences with her entrepreneurial observation of the business world.  All through her session, Ms Awasthi elucidated the disruptive advertising strategies adopted by different brands during the corona time and appraised the viewers on those brands which had literally boosted the confidence of their employees during the economically and emotionally tough phase.  She also vividly explained the significance of content marketing in the process of strengthening the visibility of those brands whose identities are on the verge of getting faded in the face of competition.


The entire session Ms Gauri Awasthi attempted to take the future managers closer to the corporate ethics and nuances and educated them on how the brands must conduct themselves by taking care of the real heroes of the pandemic through a dozen illustrations with video advertisements.