A Report on Industrial Visit to SEBI

ITM Business School, Navi Mumbai organized industrial visit to Securities and Exchange Board of India – SEBI. The Industrial Visit took place from 22nd – 24th March 2022. PGDM Finance, Financial Market and Fintech 2021-23 Batches of second semester students with faculty Prof. Uma Ghosh, Mrs. Shweta, Prof. Dhaval Bhatt, Prof. Krupesh Thakker and Prof. Seemita Bose Chowdhury visited SEBI. The visit mainly focused on to understand the procedures that takes place under SEBI. The SEBI provided an informative talk, which proceeded with a brief introduction about SEBI. Each day the session started with SEBI’s description, role, and functions in the financial market. In the starting Smart goals of financial planning were discussed. The effect of inflation on investments was explained and the difference between savings, loans, and investments was segmented in detail. A major explanation on various accounts that SEBI holds were given which includes Savings Account, Demat account and Trading account for investors investing in various investments like shares, Debentures, Mutual Fund etc. Followed by the procedures and steps required to open these accounts were elucidated. They illustrated about development, classification, product label and benefits of mutual funds. Also, elaborated about the Do’s and Don’ts of investing in mutual funds. At last, SEBI gave advice to investors, they also have grievance redressal mechanism for its clients. Investors can send their queries and complaints through real-time connectivity on their portal. They provided us their website portal wherein we can get informational insights.  

Portals provided by SEBI: