How Optometry Provides a Glowing Future for Optometrists

Who Is an Optometrist?

An optometrist is a doctor trained to deal with eye related problems. They treat eye diseases such as pink eye, sun allergies, dust allergy, glaucoma, cataract, vision correction, etc. They also diagnose vision problems and suggest lenses or glasses. Optometrists also perform laser treatment for correction vision problems. These professionals must possess a B.Sc. optometry or a diploma in optometry. 

Optometrists are eye care professionals, who are trained to identify eye injuries and vision defects, and treat them with drugs, glasses, lenses, and other advanced technologies. However, optometrists work along with ophthalmologists to diagnose and cure eye problems that require surgery. 

There is an increased demand for Optometrists as people cannot postpone vision problems. According to the latest stats, the demand for these professionals is estimated to grow by 10% in the coming 10 years. 

Many students are clueless about how to start a career in optometry.  Completing B.Sc. in optometry is the foundation for a career in this field.  After you gain the certification, you are either eligible to join any multispecialty hospital or start your own private practice. You can also opt for further studies or research in the field.  In any case it is a very promising career with a decent salary. 

All About B.Sc. Optometry Course

If you want to make a career in medical profession but failed to qualify in medical entrance then B.Sc. optometry is the next best option that is available to fulfill your dream. This is a recognized course by the government. It is a 4 year full time graduate course, which opens an entry way into the medical profession. 

ITM offers an UGC approved, four years course for a B.Sc. in optometry.  The course curriculum trains you in all the theoretical and practical concepts of the field. You will be trained by specialists with years of industry experience. The one year clinic learning will train you to handle all the problems faced by the optometrists in real life scenarios. You will also be trained in communication and soft skills to give an edge during job interviews.

We can sum up by saying that optometry is the best choice for students, who are aspiring to make a career in the healthcare sector. It offers a wide range of career opportunities and also provides high job satisfaction.