Myths of diploma in hotel management

Its just serving and cooking food 

Almost 80% population has this stereotype about the hotel industry. The reality somehow is totally different. It has many other departments like housekeeping- it is about maintaining the cleanliness and beauty in a hotel and to comfort the guest, another department is a front office - it includes people who look after the needs of the guest when they arrive and leave the hotels.

 It has event planners, sales manager, accounting department and many more.

No other options than working in a hotel

Everybody thinks that after doing diploma in hotel management, all the jobs will be inside a hotel and there’s no different scope. Well to their surprise this is among one of the most versatile industry. You can do different jobs such as cruise manager and live in waters, travel lovers can opt for options like travel agents, tour managers, as cavin crews in the airlines and railways and a many more.

Very less paying jobs

One more strong myth of people is that you get very less paid jobs and it takes a long time to earn a good amount of cash. In reality, you can’t compare your success with time in any field. It only needs pure hard work to reach heights in any field. You can join as a trainee and can move up to supervisors or directors position after 1 or 2 years. The salary starts from some approx 16,000 rupees and can increase up to more than lakhs per month with experience in hand.

These were some of the myths of hotel management in our country. Choosing it as a career is not a bad option. There are many wonderful opportunities waiting for you in this field. Go and grab them.