Mr. Shabahat Shaikh - Report on technical shift in the retail industry: post covid scenario

ITM Business School, Navi Mumbai had organized a webinar on the topic “TECHNICAL SHIFT IN THE RETAIL INDUSTRY: POST COVID SCENARIO” on 11/07/2020. The speaker was Mr. Sabahat Shaikh who is a perceptive, accomplished and result oriented business development, operation, project management & strategy consulting leader with 25 plus years  of broad ranging experience in the field of IT applications ,IT consulting ,IT security ERP,GRC Digital forensics, telecom renewable  ,energy , retail ,office automation, training/education& segment. He is currently working as a director at JKL India pvt.ltd

He started the session with giving a brief insight about how will be scenario about the technology advancement in retail industry. He started off with how the pandemic has affected the GDP & Economy. He explained that there are 5 main aspects that are to be considered which are AUGUMENTED REALTY, BLOCK CHAIN, BIG DATA ANALYTICS, AI, MACHINE LEARNING & INTERNET OF THINGS.  The first aspect was AUGUMENTED REALITY in which he stated that how will be the in-store experience of the customer in the retail store that how technology will be influenced. Like RFID tags will be used and remote trackable devices will be used, also voice ordering will be done.

The second aspect that he explained was BLOCK-CHAIN which means how the data is being coded in various patterns and it can not be easily displayed to end customers. He also explained how block-chain is important to keep records. The third aspect is BIG DATA & AI, in which he explained how it is useful for the retailers to keep a track of the customers on the basis of their past searches and it helps to know what exactly the customer preference are and show them products accordingly.

The next aspect he explained was the INTERNET ON THINGS in which he explained that how the delivery of products will take place in future like products will be delivered through drones. Tracking’s of rfid tags will help to tract the delivery. He ended up the session by suggesting some important skills that everyone should have in today’s world that are Presentation skills, writing skills and reading skills. The session was very much informative. All of people learned many new things and most important, the skills required in the Post-Covid era. Krupali, the class representative of RMM batch ended the session with a vote of thanks.