Living the Culinary Dream!

Food is more than just a fundamental thing for some people. It is a passion, an art, and even a career interest for food connoisseur. If you are one of the interested souls, living to eat and explore your chances in the culinary world, you have landed in the right place!

The Culinary Arts field is for people like you who celebrate food in all its glory. Worldly cuisines differ from place to place leaving us with unlimited possibilities to explore from. These possibilities generate various career opportunities, leading to dream job profiles in this industry. So, without further ado, let us take your through a few options you can undertake; but before that, get to know the basics of Culinary art -

  • Definition - The art of preparing, cooking and presenting aesthetically pleasing food. Pretty self-explanatory right? It involves a creative process wherein one undergoes a long practical training. There are various learning branches to venture into, they include-

Food Service Management - General Food Service Managers oversee the Operational aspect of the assembly line. They are stationed at restaurants and lounges to work closely with the chef’s team. 

  • Their duty is to plan a systematic flow of service before it starts, 
  • Later, coordinating the service during its full-fledged execution
  • Handling and allotting the budget needed
  • Scheduling the opening and closing, service timings, guest listing
  • Routine screening / Supervising of the restaurant business
  • Looking after recruitment and Human Resource

Similar such job profiles also include - Food & Beverage Manager, Creative Food Manager, RSVP Heads.

Chef - They are the most important working wheel that runs a hotel. Chefs are at the forefront in the sense that they

  • prepare menus, meals 
  • Delegate the cooking team
  • look after its execution before the food reaches the diner’s table.

Similar job profiles include - Sous chef, Head Chef, Plating Expert, Professional Baker or Patissier.

  • Food Reviewers - A work profile generally opted by people who LIVE TO EAT! Food Vloggers / Bloggers roam around hotels, restaurants, street food joints and review the eating options. They also vlog or blog their experiences and ut it out on the internet for people to consume.

Similar Job Interests - Taste Tester, Food Critic, Food Reviewer, Nutrition Consultant and Diet Expert

  • Entrepreneurs - Traditionally known as - Restaurant owners, are people who have a business-savvy mindset. They are a perfect blend of a Finance mind & Culinary Knowledge. If you wish to become your own boss, then embrace yourself with this profile. Hotel Management Degree holders initially start off by getting inside the industry, getting some hands-on experience, and then later take a calculative decision of opening their own restaurant.

In this Culinary world, there is something for everyone who is passionate about Food and the experiences revolving around it. It is advised to first take-on certified courses to know the lay of the land. There are many colleges and institutes that offer Hospitality Degree and Hotel Management Courses. Choose wisely and embark on your dream to become a Hospitality Professional.