For any company, selling a product or service, marketing is one of the most important and significant activities. As the Indian adage goes, "Jo dikhta hai wohi bikta hai". meaning only the one that is visible will be sold, only marketing makes this possible. Marketing nowadays is not only about showcasing a company's products or services but it is also about increasing its visibility, client retention, and building up the brand. In fact, marketing is the voice of the product or service. The importance of marketing can be gauged from the fact that during any global sporting event, companies spend millions for some seconds of advertisement.

The job of a marketing manager is very crucial and is not limited to interacting with customers. They are supposed to make strategies, design campaigns, and study and analyze the market. This is where a postgraduate diploma course in marketing keeps you ahead. Many companies today prefer candidates with PGDM in marketing because they feel a PGDM course is more detailed and industry-oriented and therefore the transition of students into the professional world is much smoother. 


Opting for a specific postgraduate course is a very tricky job. And more than that, in today's job scenario, it has become almost mandatory to do a post-graduate course. But among all the specializations, marketing is the most preferred specialization in general and a PGDM in marketing is considered a big plus in the job market.

As emphasized earlier, marketing is a very crucial part of all the industrial activities. If a company's products or services are not visible in the market, the very purpose of going through the whole process of making the products or designing the services gets defeated. In a way, marketing prepares a launchpad for any product or service. Companies employ people specifically for the purpose of analyzing the competitors and devising their own marketing strategies based on that. And they look for people who have specific skills to do that. A PGDM in marketing is what provides you and arms you with these skills.

Big companies employ people with a PGDM in marketing and offer them roles like:

  • Marketing Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Market Research Analyst, 
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Promotions Manager
  • And then to Chief Marketing Officer

While studying for the postgraduate diploma in marketing, you will understand the prominence of marketing in the modern world business scenario and will get exposure to current marketing trends. You would learn how to formulate specific strategies for specific markets and you will be taught the skills to find out what do the customers exactly want. This will keep you ahead while facing real-life situations. 

If you decide to pursue a PGDM in marketing, you, in a way, choose to be one of the key contributors to the growth of an organization. You will have a significant influence on the reputation of the brand and will play a pivotal role in increasing the profitability of the company. You learn to apply the tools of marketing both offline as well as online.

When you pursue a PGDM in marketing, you not only learn core marketing tools but also get to study business-specific areas like retail, marketing communication, merchandising, international marketing, and many others. This means you are ready to perform multiple marketing functions. This will definitely keep you ahead in the job market. 

Marketing is a very vast field and you get a lot of opportunities to learn, grow, and expand your horizons. As the performance in the marketing field is tangible i.e. it can be measured in numbers, companies give lucrative awards to high performers in marketing. This is an added bonus for choosing a PGDM course in marketing.

You will find that many companies employ marketing personnel even before starting to manufacture any products or beginning to provide any service. The reason is that marketing people are adept at judging the pulse of the market. So companies ask marketing people to float the idea of the product or service among the people and gather the response. Based on the feedback collected, companies alter or change their products or services. That is how crucial the role of a marketing manager is and how important it is to have a formal qualification in the shape of a PGDM in marketing to meet such challenges.

You can clearly see that doing a PGDM in marketing will make a huge difference as far as your career progression is concerned because it will give you the necessary knowledge, tools, and training to not only succeed in your career but to always stay ahead.


The ITM Group of Institutions' PGDM iConnect Marketing is a PGDM in marketing designed for your transition from an inexperienced fresher to a corporate-ready manager. This is an AICTE approved two years full-time program and is offered at Navi Mumbai, Chennai, and Warangal locations. The institution brings top companies for internship and final placements.