ITM Department of Human Resource "Corporate World: A Curtain Raiser-9”

On 7th October 2020 the Human Resources Department of ITM Business School organized a Guest Session on “Organizational Justice and Turnover intention of employees" for the HR students of 2019-21 batch and 2020-22 batch, which was delivered by Mr. Alok Sheopurkar. Mr. Sheopurkar is an Executive Vice President & Head HR in HDFC Mutual funds, Vice president at NHRD network, Board Member of Symbiosis International University and Chairperson Apex advisory Board. 

As the trend goes on the session started with the basic knowledge of organizational justice. The guest speaker Mr. Alok Sheopurkar imparted the knowledge he experienced in his life through the presentation the organisational justice is perception in the minds of employees and what is the relationship between organisational justice perception and organisational leaving. he told us about four main pillars of organizational justice namely distributive, procedural, interactional, informational. He talked about his hypothesis and relevance of that in the organisation, test used in pilot study and concluded with explaining the demographic analysis.

 Later, the questions by the students were put forward to which the Mr. Sheopurkar answered with a lot of enthusiasm and also explained some good pointers related to NHRD. On a lighter note it was indeed a very nice experience for the students and the session ended with some humble word by our HOD and formal vote of thanks.