ITM Department of Human Resource "Corporate World: A Curtain Raiser-8”

On 6th October 2020, the Department of Human Resources organized a Guest Session on “Role of Psychology in HR” which was delivered by Ms. Nita Pawar. 

 Ms. Nita Pawar is a Masters in psychology, Diploma in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations, Certified Counsellor and Transaction analyst. She is currently working in Psynopsys as Consulting Industrial Psychologist & Counsellor.

 Ms. Nita started the Session with a bang and shared great insights on Psychology. She explained why psychology is a science and why some people behave the way they behave, and some don't.
She explained how psychology helps in scientific predictions. Further she emphasized how employee experience can be improved and holds a major part of the employee psychology. In her deliberation she also told about consciousness using Sigmund Freud and the experimental approach of psychology which includes hypothesis, procedures, data, and findings. Role of controlled, verifiable, replicable, and measurable psychology in an organization are some other crucial areas covered by her along with some theories related to psychology.

Overall the session was very interesting and informative and taught the students role of psychology in HR at individual level, group level and employee engagement.