ITM Department of Human Resource "Corporate World: A Curtain Raiser-5”

The HR Department of ITM Business School organized its fifth Guest Session of "Corporate World: A Curtain Raiser Series” for the HR students of 2019-21 and 2020-22 batch on the topic “Employee Relations in the New Normal.”  The session was conducted by Mr. Sushil Tripathi, HR Head (Garment Division), Siyaram Silk Mills Ltd. Mr. Sushil started the session by emphasizing on the importance of Industrial Relations in the current scenario. Highlighting the relevance of employee relations, he discussed how the new normal has been a part of the organizations every decision related to human resources. In Siyaram Silks the sales have dropped due to Covid 19 Pandemic, but the HR department of the organization have made sure that the employees are well nurtured and not much affected due to this change. Further, he stressed upon the fact that the employer-employee relationship should not be too sympathetic. If employer is too much emotionally inclined towards the workforce, he cannot be fair, transparent, and rational in making the difficult decisions in any scenario. However, empathy towards employees is one of the efficient methods of employee management as it protects the organization from taking any wrong decision in future. 

Overall, it was an insightful and interactive session for the HR batch 2020-22.