ITM Data Freak Community ITM Business School, Kharghar Curtain Raiser Event For Number Clásico.

ITM Data Freak Community aim to create awareness about opportunities in field of data and to assist everyone grow in the field of Analytics & Research.

ITM Data Freak Community present’s Number Clásico. Number Clásico, as the name implies is a competition that aims to shed light on many unique and diverse facts about commonly understood numbers. 

Display your creativity in these facts coupled with the logical accuracy from different fields of study ranging from Historical to Scientific, Sports to Education, Astrological, and Fun Facts

ITM DFC planned curtain raiser event for enlightening the participants about the details of the event which was hosted by Mr. Shorya Sharma (BA 20-22) & Ms. Nikita Raut (M1- 20-22). In this event Data Anthem was sung by Tanmoy Sarkar (M1 20-22) & Anamika Raha (BA-20-22). Also ITM DFC video was played which was edited by Mr. Rahul Garg (BA 20-22).

Registration of event will start by 21st September and Final Presentation will be on 26th September

Register now - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScKW3RbeF15nD6G9j6t8j6sLpA3sQhbIbpwm7cWd1jidgFnOw/viewform