ITM Data Freak Community

ITM Data Freak Community aim to create awareness about opportunities in field of data and to assist everyone grow in the field of Analytics & Research.

ITM Data Freak Community present’s Number Clásico. Number Clásico, as the name implies is a competition that aims to shed light on many unique and diverse facts about commonly understood numbers. 

Display your creativity in these facts coupled with the logical accuracy from different fields of study ranging from Historical to Scientific, Sports to Education, Astrological, and Fun Facts.

The event was hosted by Mr. Vaibhav Sharma (BA 20-22) and Mrs. Anamika Raha (BA 20-22).The hosts had explained the rules for the event which included the challenge round and then introduced the judges for the event. The judges were Mr. Manish Agrawal and Mr. Aditya Kulkarni. Both the judges gave a small speech on the importance of data in real life. A total of 73 people attended the event.

A total of 8 teams had participated in the event across all batches of the first year. Also, there was a brand ambassador competition in which there were 7 participants out of which one was selected for Mr. Data Freak and one for Ms. Data Freak.

The winner for Mr. Data Freak was Mr. Abhishek Mishra and for Ms. Data Freak was Ms. Pratiksha Dabhade. Challenge round was won by three teams namely team RANK, team ADMP and team SAN and got bonus points for making successful challenges.

After all the presentations Mr.Gaurav Agashe, the founder of Data Freak gave a vote of thanks to the judges and all the attendees. Both the judges gave some golden words about the event Number Clásico in which the judges expressed that the event was informative and they got some knowledge about new facts about numbers. They were highly impressed with the story telling and collaboration facts conveyed by the participants.

Team PZAS won Number Clásico and team ADMP was the runner up. Team NJ was awarded for the best presentation.