Improve Your Career Opportunities with Post Graduate Diploma Course

A Post Graduate Diploma (PGDM) is a masters degree qualification that is on par with a post-graduation degree but with fewer credits. You can find a variety of different post graduate diploma courses, under the categories vocational programs and academic programs. 

Academic Programs

The duration of academic pg. diploma courses ranges from 1 to 2 years. These programs cover all the important topics in the subject of specialization. Diploma courses are designed to deliver practical knowledge of the field of specialization. 

Vocational Courses

Vocational programs train the students to become experts in the field of their choice. These courses are designed to impart practical knowledge about an area of specialization and prepare the participants for a career in that area. For example, ITM’s iConnect courses in Management, International Business Management, Retail Marketing, Human Resource Management etc. aim to develop industry-ready professionals in the respective fields. 

Reasons to Study Post Graduate Diploma Courses

  • Provides Practical Exposure

Most of these programs are designed to provide practical exposure to the participants. Most of these programmes involve internship opportunities at the end of the course. The internship allows students to gain in-depth knowledge about the application of the concepts, they have learnt during the course. 

  • Improves Employability

Pursuing PGDM from reputed organizations equips the students with the necessary knowledge and practical experience to pursue their dream jobs.  Post graduate diploma courses are suitable for both students and professionals who are stuck in their career. Since the qualification is recognized by most of the reputed organizations, it improves the employability.  Research states that people with post graduate qualification are 5% more likely to be employed in comparison to graduates. 

Does not Require Research Project

Most of these programs require participants to submit a dissertation or research project. However, not all students are research oriented. In such a scenario, these programs allow the students to pursue a pg. qualification without the requirement of research. 

If you want to increase your qualifications and gain an advantage in the competitive job market, pursuing PGDM is the best option. These programs impart the required theoretical and practical knowledge and prepare you for the dream job, you always aspired for.