IMPRESSARIO - A platform for Innovations to take shape

Organized by ITM-SIA Business School on 6th February,2020, IMPRESSARIO invited colleges across India to present innovative business plans. 10 teams from different colleges from Pune, Tamil Nadu,Hyderabad ,Rajasthan, and Mumbai participated in the event.       

The 1st prize was awarded to Malini Kishore Sanghvi College of Andheri, and 2nd and 3rd prizes were won by NIIT University Neemrana,Rajasthan and Kelkar College, Mulund, respectively.       

Our eminent panel of judges included Dr Prashant Gundawar, Director of Sterling Institute of Management Studies, Navi Mumbai, Dr Sangeeta Trott, and Dr R.G Ratnawat, Director ITM-SIA Business School.