HR's Role in Building a Company’s Culture of Sustainability

Whenever an organization starts building up, the culture of the organization becomes one of the strongest pillars for its growth. Based on its work culture, employees either get motivated to contribute for the growth of the organization, or demotivated and stressed. 

HR plays a major role in carrying the culture of the organization. The role of HR is not only to work with payrolls, but also to build a bridge between employer and employee for the smooth functioning of organizational activities. 

The HR Manager trains the employees with the necessary skills and keeps their motivational levels up. He sees that a satisfactory environment is created for employees and maintains the cost of an employer. Apart he is also responsible for identifying new job roles, promotions, performance appraisals, planning compensations and benefits, and many others to protect the interest of employer and employee.

Many researchers indicated that the decisions of HR influence the growth of an organization. Decisions taken by HR protects the interest of employees as well as the organization. HR is the nerve centre of a company. If you inspire to work at the top position of the HR department then pursuing HR courses for working professionals is great to give wings to your HR career.

HR Role in Building a Companies Culture and Value System

HR takes major responsibility of an employee from the period he joins the organization till his retirement. All their requirements are addressed and guided by the HR of the company. He also protects the interest of employer. He is the key person in meticulously planning for the workforce needed for the organization. 

He identifies the right candidates for the available job roles. He identifies the skill gap and potentials in an employee and trains them to get the best out of them. He handles all the disputes between employer and employee or peer group. He sees that no employee misuse the policies for his own benefits keeping organizations reputation at stake. 

The HR department interacts and integrates all other departments under one umbrella, keeping the moral values of the company. In other words we can consider this department as a spinal cord for the organization. As spinal cord is responsible for movement of the human body similarly HR department plays a prominent role in organizational activity.

In the current market, HR professionals are in more demand when compared to other professionals. Whether it is an MNC or SME, having HR department is the need of the hour. The average salary that is drawn by HR professionals is more than other domains. According to PayScale, the average salary of a HR Manager in India is Rs.713, 633 per annum. Even if you are at the entry level you will draw a decent enough salary. Hence, we can say that Working professionals who did the HR course have vivid career options. 

There are many branches in the HR domain like training and development, recruitment, labour relationships, payrolls, compensation, and benefits administration. They can start as a general HR officer and can grow up to the director in any specialized branch of HR. People who are good at observing and handling other people, patient enough to understand others, good at communication skills, and can connects the dots then HR is the best domain for them. As HR deals with people, having interest towards understanding the needs and moods of different types of people is a very important trait for HR managers.

Need of pursuing HR courses for working professionals

To become an HR professional you should pursue an HR certification course from any renowned Institution. 6 months to 1 year Executive HR courses for working professionals are available in management institutes that train you to enter into the HR domain.

 Many institutions offer short term weekend courses for working professionals. In these courses you will be trained from basic HR functions to in-depth activities that are executed by managerial positions in this department. You will also gain hands on experience on dealing with the problems and handling different kinds of people.  

ITM offers professional HR courses for working professionals that helps you to make a good career path in the HR domain. This course will help you in gaining in-depth knowledge in all aspects of the HR domain. Syllabus of the course is designed so that it matches the requirements of the industry. Renowned faculty member who had vast experience in HR domain will guide and mentor you throughout the course. 

Talks with industry experts, live projects, industrial tours, Real-time working experience, working in a simulated environment, and framing strategies with real problems and handling the consequences, seminars, panel discussions, and conferences are the silent features of our course. This course also provides insight into international HRM and other dynamics of HR functions.  

Hindustan Unilever Limited, JP Morgan, L & T, FedEx, Citi groups, and many other MNC companies are in our top recruiters' list and had a 100% placement record. As this is a course for working professionals we conduct a weekend class.  In our HR course syllabus, we also include HR analytics and design thinking.  At the end of the course you should submit a live project on your interested area of HR. This project will helps you in gaining the confidence while giving a kick start to your career.