"Hackathon" - Day 5


Industry Expert : Miss. Namrata Soni

Organization :  Metromile, Sanfransico

Designation : Senior Product Manager

Session Date & time : 12th March 2020 (Day 5th), 8.30 to 13.30

Today was the final and concluding day of the Hackathon which was conducted in the college under the guidance of Ms. Namrata Soni. Final submission of the project along with group wise presentations and assessments were scheduled for today.

The session was started at 8 am. Each group was invited forward to give a progress report to Namrata ma’am on video conference. She shared her inputs about how the final presentation should be made. After the video conference, we sat in our respective groups to compile our work and prepare the presentation as per the required format.

First round of presentation was taken by Neena ma’am. After we presented it to Neena ma’am we had to present our work to Namrata ma’am. We presented our work on Hangout video conference. Presentation was followed by a Q&A session, where the questions were asked from each member of the group. Final assessments were given based on all the parameters starting from the Roadmap Planning, Project and the presentations.