"Hackathon" - Day 3.


Industry Expert : Miss. Namrata Soni

Organization : Metromile, Sanfransico

Designation: Senior Product Manager

Session Date & time : 5th March 2020 (Day 3rd), 8.30 to 13.30

The students of Business Analytics (2019-21) got a chance to attend a workshop on use of “Hackathon”

Day’s Agenda

  • Idea Formulation
  • Roadmap and Milestone process
  • Presentation and feedback


Objectives of Hackathon

the objectives of the Hackathon was to make the first steps so to ease the creation, findability, and re-use of software for students. it is increasingly hard to distinguish legitimate news from fake news, especially at such a time as this when ‘forwarding’ messages to masses of people is as easy as the click of a button from the comfort of our mobile devices. Put together a 5-day hackathon with a goal of showcasing how technology can be used for good in fighting fake news.

Idea Formulation

The students were divided into 4 groups so as to understand and get creative approaches towards the solutions and find way to execute the problem of finding the fake news with simple algorithms, machine learning model and the main key was to understand the process of formulation.

Roadmap and milestones.

The groups then created the roadmap as to how to achieve the given goal and what is going to be the process, which wis required to be followed. The roadmaps are an important aspect of any problem approach so as to understand what exactly is required to be done to achieve the goal. The roadmap tells the path in which the process is required to be carried out and also tells about the position of the approach towards with respect to the problem statement.

Presentation and feedback.

The groups after creating roadmaps and milestones were asked to present it before the faculty and expert so as to understand the approach of the groups itself and how are they going to find the solution. The expert gave in the feedback with the models that were presented and advised each group on their approach towards it. The feedbacks were noted down and implemented towards the model.