The students of Business Analytics got the opportunity to have hands-on training experience of doing a live project and making the UI-based app in the Hackathon. The teaching was undertaken by Dr. Vishnu Ramachandran who is well versed with Data Analytics Tools and having a healthy experience in the industry. We learned a lot under the guidance of Dr. Vishnu like what is the current trend in the industry and how to get a competitive edge in this cut-throat competition. He gave us 3 problem statements and we made the group of 6-7 students a given different task to each group to perform.

The problem statement given was:

  • Data De-duplication of news
  • Keyword tagging and Sentiment analysis
  • Summarisation of the article

During this Hackathon, the main objective was to make the app like In shorts in which we can collect different news from the web by web-crawling or create a database of news containing headlines, URLs, and articles. After collecting the news, the first task was to apply deduplication of news headlines by clustering the same headlines from different sources and grouping them in the same group.

After the deduplication, sentiment analysis is carried on that news to know if it’s positive or negative. The final step was to summarise the news article in as few words as possible so that users can get an idea of the whole news just by reading the few lines. And last but not least to integrate all these functions in one application and to make the UI for the same.

Key Take away from the Hackathon:

  • There are so many things we got to know about the industry.
  • We performed so much research and done rigorous coding and testing as well.
  • All the groups performed very well and made a fabulous UI for the app.
  • We got to know about the trend which is prevailing in the industry

The hackathon consisted of both graded and practical projects which contributed to the interactive sessions. Healthy doubt-solving sessions and guidance also had a positive impact on our understanding. The solving of real-world problems gave fruitful insights, to ask the right questions from the datasets and take different conventional and unconventional approaches towards one problem. We enjoyed and learned during these 10 days and had a great experience.