Future of Business Analytics

A guest session on “Future of Business Analytics” was conducted by the Business Analytics and Decision Science department which is Headed by Dr. Neena Nanda of ITM Business School. The speaker for the session was Ms. Himani Dudhat who works as a Product Analyst in one of the biggest companies we always dream of i.e. Google.

She has been working in the field of analytics for close to 5 years now as a Consultant at Fractal analytics earlier where her work involved building models for customer segmentation aimed at targeting financial products. She joined Google in 2017 and have worked in the payment’s domain since then. In Trust & Safety, her team was focused on mitigating fraud and abuse across different payment platforms of Google-like Play, Cloud, Hardware. Now she is working as a Product Analyst for Google Pay, driving strategies through insights from data. Fascinated by the power of data, she truly believes that analytics can and is transforming how the decisions are made across almost all industries.

The session was conducted online through Zoom where more than 60 participants participated which included current BA, DMT, Fintech students and future analytics students, and teachers as well.

It was all about the world of analytics and how it can impact your career with all the detailed steps and measures to be taken while studying and working in this department. The queries and confusions were cleared in a very clear and concise manner which was more than satisfactory.

The session focused on discussing real-life analytical problems and how they can be tackled with various skills, knowledge, and practice.

It was indeed an amazing interactive session that helped all the participants to understand the world of analytics and its functioning in a much clearer and better way.