Everything You Need to Know About PG Diploma in Human Resource Management

Human resource is a crucial asset for a business organization. Managers in this field are responsible to ensure that this pivotal asset is well-managed, which in turn helps to get the optimum contribution from employees, in achieving the overall business goals of the organization. HR managers take care of responsibilities such as hiring and training employees, devising strategies for employee development, looking after the salaries and other employee benefits, and managing the compliance requirements of the companies in relation to its employees. 

Human resource management is one of the core strategic areas of any business. There is an ever-increasing demand for professionals with in-depth knowledge about the various aspects of HR and experience in the field. If you are interested to pursue a career, a pg diploma in HRM is the right choice. 

Important Aspects to Know about Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management

  • Career 

There are a plethora of career options for professionals with a Masters certificate. Some popular career choices for HR professionals include Manager, Employee Training and Development Executive, Management consultant, Recruitment officer, HR consultant and so on. 

  • Skills Required 

Human Resource Managers and Executives have to take care of the most challenging asset of a business – its employees. Pursing a PGDM in Human Resource Management allows you to acquire and develop skills such as interpersonal skills, written and oral communication, research and analytical skills, negotiation, problem resolution and decision-making. The hands-on teaching approach involving real-life examples, role plays, group discussions and other varied pedagogy encourages you to develop the required skills to be successful in the field of HRM.

  • Employability 

A majority of the HR professionals are employed within 6 months of completing their course. More than a third of graduates work as  executives and Industrial Relations Managers. 16.4% of them work in secretarial positions while 8.5% of them are managers. 

  • Curriculum

The curriculum of PGDM courses is designed to meet the industry demands for HR professionals with a deep understanding of the different concepts of Human Resource and their application in the industry. For example, ITM offers a full-time iConnect Post graduate diploma in Human Resource Management. The curriculum of the course is designed to provide the students with an in-depth understanding about the different aspects of management as well as labour law, planning, strategic and international, Management and consulting, Talent Acquisition and Management, ERP and so on. 

  • Duration 

Most of the full time PGDM courses have a duration of 2 years, which includes internship and projects. 

A post-graduation in HRM opens up gates for a range of career opportunities. A PGDM program provides you with the necessary skills to handle the complex HR function of a business. However, it is important to choose a reputed institute to pursue the course.