Corporate World: Curtain and Raiser series - 14

About the Session: Trends in Learning and Development Date: 20th March 2021, Attendees: HR Batch 2020-22. Guest Speaker Ms. Dilsheen Kaur, Human Resource Manager at Mind fields Consulting, she has been a proponent of talent engagement and retention, talent acquisition, HR Operational initiatives and so on at Mind fields and is a true stand out in this field. Besides that, she is an alumnus of ITM business school, Kharghar. 

The session started with a story of a woodcutter where she beautifully explained the importance of Learning and development. She also said there in the next two years by 2022 - 42% of core skills required to perform existing jobs are expected to change as jobs are transformed by the technologies of the fourth Industrial Revolution, organizations need to reskill more than 1 billion people by 2030.

She also explained about “Digital learning culture which means bringing learning to where employees are, it is a way of learning.”

The tools used for digital learning culture and also about four types of digital learning culture 

Ms. Dilsheen explained some types of learning which are as follows:

  • Space learning - Exploring learners to small chunks of content at set interval, information is retained, and digital learning makes space learning easy also space learning is similar to micro learning.
  • Blended learning - It combines online educational material with traditional classroom and social methods.

To make the session more engaging we had a case study discussion on Mahindra Finance where she discussed on the need of training, what is the role of HR, and also discussed on Soap Opera style of learning its challenges and Impact on the employees of Mahindra finance.

The session ended with question and answer round. It was an insightful session for HR batch 2020-22.