Cloud Computing – A Promising Career Option

As businesses expand their operations, the need for systems or IT departments increases. This creates a cost overhead for various organizations.  As a result, businesses are forced to spend more time and money, in the setting-up and maintenance of IT department, rather than promoting their products and services. 

According to Morse's law, computing power gets doubled every two years. By the time the company reaches a break-even point concerning technology, it gets outdated. The organization is forced to upgrade itself to keep track of the current generation requirement and competition. It has become mandatory for business organizations to adopt the latest technologies. 

One of such booming technology is cloud computing. By definition cloud computing is on-demand availability of various computer resources in a remote form instead of directly managing them.  This technology proved itself as cost-effective and made it simple for small and medium industries to manage their systems remotely while they concentrate on other important areas of the business. As the demand for cloud computing technology increases, there is a growing need of professionals with industry recognized certifications such as bca cloud technology and information security.  

How Cloud Computing is Beneficial to Businesses

In cloud computing, a third party service provider will help you in managing the technology. Organizations have to pay a fixed fee for the services they are using.  

Cloud computing services are divided into 3 categories. Software as a Service, Infrastructure as Service, Platform as a Service.  Companies opt for the services according to their need and number of users. Organizations can update or downgrade according to their necessity.

 In SaaS, companies enter into contracts for software applications or data stores. Whereas in IaaS, Infrastructure such as VPNs, Web servers are leased to the clients. This technology became a cost-effective model for various organizations as it implements pay per usage. 

As a majority of the organization are moving towards the adoption of cloud technology there is a huge demand for cloud developers. Cloud developers or programmers are rewarded with a good salary at the beginning of the career.  To become a cloud developer you should possess a bca certificate in cloud computing and information security.  

Role of Cloud Developers

A company’s cloud infrastructure is designed, implemented, and maintained by cloud developers. They design and develop systems that are virtual and are operated via the internet.  The roles and responsibilities of a cloud developer are vast and diverse. 

  • He is responsible for designing, building, creating, maintaining, and analysing the cloud system.  
  • The developers have to understand the business process and design cloud architectures based on the process. 
  • They also plan cloud maintenance and security. 
  • They keep track of the requirements of the organizations and provide them with the latest updates. 
  • Cloud developers also perform code reviews and updates. They analyse and resolve any changes that occur during the updates.  
  • They also take care of security issues raised concerning the data servers.

Qualifications Required To Be a Good cloud Developer

  • Database technologies like SQL, MS SQL, MongoDB, etc.
  • You should have strong programming skills and should be aware of programming languages like python, pearl, and ruby.
  • You should have experience or working knowledge on Linux operating systems.
  • A good grip on web servers and services is required.  
  • If you know of networking technologies it will be an added advantages.
  • Knowledge of Security aspects and the solutions that help in protecting data and servers are needed.
  • A little bit of awareness on features of various cloud platforms is also needed.

Pursuing BCA Cloud Technology and Information Security

Many organizations are offering a bachelors programme in computer applications with a specialization in cloud computing and information security. In this course, you will learn database technologies, programming languages, cryptographies and information security relayed issues, working on various operating systems, networking technologies, and many more. As cloud developer has to interact with clients to replicate their process into a system, these programs also provide extensive training in spoken English and communication.

ITM offers a job oriented bca course in cloud computing and information security. This course is tailored according to the needs of the market.  Students will acquire good knowledge on computing. They will be trained with all basic skills and are slowly taken to the advanced concepts of cloud computing.  Industrial tours, live projects, and expert talk will give students more insight into the concepts. In the final year of the course, students are asked to work in a company on cloud technology, which adds value for their work experience. Providing a real-time environment and group discussions on the scenarios will help them to understand the problems that they might be facing when they start working. 

In conclusion, we can say that cloud computing is an exciting field of study and provides lucrative career opportunities. Acquiring a professional certification in cloud computing and information security will add more feathers to your resume and make you the preferred choice for the employers.