Classic Talkies - ITM Business School PGDM

To give students a practical exposure in event management, end-to-end film making, and promotion, the TailWind department organised Classic Talkies, a competition cum film festival by the students.       

The focus of the event was to promote skills like, time management, planning, teamwork, human skills, and organizing in students where they handled every aspect of film-making, promotion, and marketing.       

Each batch was given one Indian start-up, on which they had to shoot a compelling 15 mins video. Students then had to plan and execute online and offline promotion, including teaser release of the film on YouTube and Facebook.      

In the final showdown on 30th January 2020, Operations and Fintech batch stole the show and bagged the best movie award, while Marketing-2, and Marketing-5 batches grabbed the 1st and 2nd runners up positions.      

Marketing-3 batch won in the department of best offline promotions; Marketing-5, best online promotion; and HR batch got the best teaser trophy.      

Classic Talkies – The Missing Reel, was a whole day event full of enjoyment and action. The event was graced by Grooming Expert Gurmeet Garha, and special guests, Ms. Shreejita Banerjee- Mrs. India Universe 2019 and  Ms. Soumya Singh- Mrs. Raigad 2019.