Career in Business Analytics

“Career in Business Analytics”

Session On: 20th June 2020 (9:30 am - 10:30 am)

Industry Expert: Mr. Aayush Mahendru

Designation: Head of Business Analytics

Company: Flock Organized by the Department

Batch : BA

Today it was a wonderful and positive start to the weekend. The students of Business Analytics, as well as faculties, got a chance to get some important information about the “Career in Business Analytics” by Mr. Aayush Mahendru who is the Head of Business Analytics and Operations at Flock. He has also worked with LinkedIn as a Product and Marketing Analyst and with eBay as Trust Analyst.

He kicked off the session with highly positive and valuable words, that in today’s times all the Industries, all the companies require Analysts. These words came as a relief to all the students amid these difficult times where the only certainty that we have is uncertainty. He shared his views and experience in Analytics career in the current conditions and informed how the demand for data science is growing in all sectors.

He shared with us his remarkable journey starting from his initial days to become an accomplished Analyst in a company like LinkedIn and the Head of Analytics in Flock. He also shared the most important skills which are required in this industry.

Mr. Mahendru told us the importance of Advance Excel in an industry that is mostly dominated by many technical programming languages like Python and R. He told us how Excel is a powerful tool to perform faster analysis. As a Business Analyst, we need to question and answer the business questions for which a productive tool like Excel comes in handy.

Talking about the interviews he enlightened us on how he learned from his failures that presenting yourself as what you are is important. I believe being truthful at the time of the interviews is one thing which as students most of us tend to miss. So this advice will surely help us, students, to develop a reputation of reliability and fairness in our career paths.

He ended this wonderful session with a small Q&A session where he very eloquently answered all the questions asked by the students.

It was a motivating session that will help us overcome these testing times. And I am sure like me all of my classmates will remember the lessons learned today and apply in their lives in the years to follow.