Report on the first day industrial visit

Institute for technology and management, Kharghar arranged industrial visit for marketing 5 batch on Thursday and Friday i.e. 19/12/19 and 20/12/2019 to Galaxy Surfactant, Taloja. Galaxy Surfactant is one of the leading players in the world of surfactants and speciality care ingredients, exclusively focussed on catering to the home and personal care industry. On the first day of the visit the first thirty-two students as per the attendance sheet visited the company. The students were addressed by the manufacturing manager, Mr. Vinod Pandey who has nine years of experience in this industry and is also an alumnus of ITM (Executive MBA degree). At first, he took a session of forty-five minutes post which students were taken to visit the different plants. In the session Mr. Vinod Pandey talked about the history and the developments of the company starting from 1980 till 2018. He talked about the functionalities of different plants in details. He explained the students the use of different chemicals like FAES, FAS, Betaines, Amine Oxide, Ethoxylates, Phenoxyethanol etc. in making of detergents, shampoos, soaps, handwash.

Galaxy Surfactants work for business to business organization. The manufacturing manager even threw light on the different category of soaps i.e. bar, combo, syndet and its ingredients and composition. He explained the hierarchy of the Taloja site organogram and gave an overview of Taloja site. The speaker asked questions in between to make sure the entire session was interactive and allow every student to participate by asking questions. Galaxy Surfactant has received multiple awards since 1993. The company has multiple employee engagement programs to encourage the ideas of the employee in the welfare of the organization. Students were given fifteen minutes tea break post which they were taken to different plants. At first, they were taken to the very first plant which was established in 1980 by first five generation entrepreneurs to supply ingredients to the personal and home care industry. Then they were taken to the effluent treatment plant where the entire process of how the dirt and chemicals are removed from the effluent was explained by showing samples. Then students were taken to the warehouse. In the warehouse, the students were shown the packaging of the surfactants and how they were stored. At last students were shown a board where the entire operations and process of the different plants were explained. The visit concluded with a group picture with the manufacturing manager who gave his valuable time to the students and shared his knowledge with them. Students were asked to give back the safety shoes, helmet, glasses and haircap before leaving for the college.