HR Department (PGDM 2018-20 & 2019-21)

About the Speaker:

Mr. Rahul Sinha has a rich work experience and wisdom of 34 years in various fields, Industries and Geographies of studying and working in and outside India. He has worked in Major Corporates like Xerox, Bharti Airtel and Reliance Industries. Since the last 3 years, he is working as a Coach and OD Consultant who wants to bring about defying changes within Organizations who are facing the challenge, or willing to take the challenge! He has worked and is working with major organizations bringing change within them. He is a certified practitioner of Quality principles; Neuro Linguistic Program (NLP); Psychometrics (DISC and Harrison Assessments); Leadership development. He is a certified facilitator Consultant for Selling and Sales Management from Xerox. Further he is a certified Facilitator Consultant of 7 Habits program from Franklin Covey. Mr. Rahul is a Certified Coach from Neuro Leadership Institute, approved by International Coach Federation. To understand personalities better, he has studied Transactional Analysis.

About the Session:


Mr. Rahul Sinha addressed the Batches (2018-20 and 2019-21) of Department HR. The topic for the session was He spoke about the role of competency throughout the lifecycle of an Employee, he began by talking about expectations and covered competency measurement parameters like VAK. He emphasized the importance of beginning with the end in mind before the commencement of any journey.

Then he moved on to the topic at hand and discussed in depth about Competencies themselves and the progression of competencies from junior management to middle level all the way to top level management. Following this he conducted an exercise in lass regarding the competencies in 3 different situations explaining the concept further.

Next he spoke about how with change in time the competencies also change and therefore stagnation in competencies is highly counterproductive, he stated this by an example of Evolution of man from Neanderthal to Cro-Magnon to a civilized human to a modern man and that with time our measures of competency have changed and similarly so should it be in organizations. He ended the session with the prospects of competency mapping and how we are now entering a VUCA world and that we must be prepared for all the changes yet to come. The session was a very informative and interactive event with a lot of student participation.Overall the session was highly interactive and full of student involvement.