HR Department (PGDM- 19-21) Guest Lecture

Students of PGDM HR batch (2019-21) and Dr. Tanvi Rana, Dr. Sonal Jauhari

About the speaker:Director, CSense Management Solutions Pvt Ltd, Mumbai.He is a lean trainer and consultant and he has been providing training and helping to enhance lean culture in the organization. He has extensive knowledge on the subject and a good experience.

About the session: The Lecture was about Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification-Orientation. He explained about the company and their commitment towards their clients. He explained about three levels –

  • Strategic level- building a culture
  • Tactical level- problem solving solution
  • Shop floor level- tool based solution

He told about the tools used i.e., 5S, CAPA, Poka-Yoke etc. Csense does projects majorly in industries, engagement, duration, problems solved.Steps involved in lean six sigma workshop-

  • Financial performance analysis, business line and structure, line wise performance, process maps etc.
  • Tools identification- vital few analysis, value stream analysis, value analysis, cost of poor quality, OEE, team performance.
  • Elevate- LEAN, SIX SIGMA, TPM
  • Sustain gains- SOP’s, KPI’s, reviews and audits, visual management, statistical process.

He also told about his book “getting out of the maze” and importance of six sigma in the organizations. Lean six sigma is-

  • Powerful business transformation tool
  • Used all over the world in many MNC’s
  • Becoming a must-be in many companies
  • It is gaining momentum

Lean gives quantity and efficiency in work whereas six sigma gives quality and effectiveness in work. He explained about DMAIC-

  • D – Define
  • M – Measure
  • A – Analyse
  • I – Improve
  • C – Control

Benefits of lean and six sigma-Bottom line cost saving, reduction in process cycle time, development of staff skill, improve ROI

He in the end told about the usage of green belt in project management and also the software that will be used i.e., minitab.