HR Department (PGDM 18-20 & 19-21)

About the speaker- Mr. Ravi Yadav dis his PGDM HR from ITM Business School, Navi Mumbai (2009-11 Batch). He is a certified Thomas Assessor, category 3 – Good management and training by Directorate general of Civil Aviation. Also, certified in training management by UP Academy of Administration & management. He has 6 years of rich experience in organization development & talent management, skilled at organization development intervention conceptualization, design and implementation. Presently he is working as Change & OD Manager, Go Air.

About the session- The session focussed on various aspects of “Performance management and OD.’ Mr. Ravi started the guest session by an activity asking what the areas of interest in the field of HR are by making groups. He then told about many areas in Human Resources and where we should apply. He further explained about the steps involved in

setting up KPI/KRA:

  • Making a job description
  • Finding out critical jobs involved
  • Whether those areas are measurable or not, hence listing them
  • Calculating the KRA with respect to the areas

He further explained what all things a interviewer is searching for in a candidate like- What makes a candidate interests towards HR and in which field (this question decides 75% of the selection), how a person in putting himself/herself in the questions put up by an interview (It is important to look at the profile while going for an interview rather than salary/pay). He further told about the environment in the organizations by putting up his own experiences and examples and how he started his career from reliance to GoAir. He then explained about organization restructuring and stressed upon that the organization restructuring is making changes in personnel and departments report to meet market requirements. He discussed the ways in which HR must restructure the organization. The following steps are used for the restructuring-Evaluating what human resources is today, Doing some research to see HR departments in other companies, taking advantage of the technology, reviewing the to-dos in the HR department to which things can be outsourced, having HR report directly to CEO, inviting HR to critical business meetings, focusing strategically in a future- oriented manner.

Overall the session was very interactive.