Four Best Careers for Professionals with PG in Human Resources

Four Best Careers for Professionals with PG in Human Resources Most of us are confused when it comes to choosing a specialization topic for post-graduation. When it comes to management studies, there is a wide range of specializations such as Finance, Marketing and Human resources.

Human resource is an exciting field of study. It has a vast scope and variety of employment opportunities. Pursuing a post graduate diploma in human resources will open a Pandora’s Box of career choices. You can climb the corporate ladder in a management position or choose a particular area such as negotiation, training, recruitment etc. and make it as a career.

4 Career Options after Completing Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resources There is no dearth of career choices for HR professionals. Let us know about the best of them.

  • Human Resources Manager Human resources managers are professionals who are engaged in various tasks that help the employees directly. They plan, execute and manage HR activities of an organization. Some roles of Human Resources managers are guiding employees throughout the recruitment process, training employees, planning and executing benefits programs, resolving labour disputes, and other administrative duties that relate to employees. HR managers have a direct influence on the employees of a company. They can gain social benefit and personal satisfaction in this role.
  • Human Resources Consultant If you do not like the 9 to 5 routine and want to work in a free environment then working as a consultant is the right career choice. You can work as an HR consultant and have the freedom to work at your convenient schedule. Professionals with a PG Diploma in Human Resources, can choose their area of expertise and offer services to organizations. Consultants usually charge on an hourly basis to offer HR management solutions to companies.
  • Training and Development Manager Training and development of employees is an important task for organizations to improve their efficiency and productivity. Training and development managers conduct training classes, workshops, conferences, team development classes etc. to improve the skill sets of the employees. This is the best choice if you like teaching and want to make a positive impact on others’ lives.
  • HR Entrepreneur If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, this is a great career choice. You can launch a headhunting firm, placement agency or an HR Consultancy. Launching an HR firm can give wings to your career if you have a risk-taking attitude.

There are many other career choices for professionals, who pursue Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resources. However, it is important to choose a good university like ITM that offers a comprehensive curriculum, experienced faculty and international exposure, to get good job offers after completing the course.