Digital Marketing Day

2018 has been significant in the Digital Marketing Domain. We are now witnessing tremendous increase in the need for digital marketing services, digital marketing training programs and digital marketers.

In fact, there are more digital marketing influencers now, than ever before.

Since, the digital marketing industry is booming and there is a lot of awareness, the community administrators and moderators of Digital Marketing decided to celebrate the spirit of Digital Marketers on a special day and the decided day is 16th December, 2018, so that just before people break for their vacations, just before year ends and the new year begins, they can indulge into some concrete digital marketing conversations.

As ITM Business School, Kharghar constantly focus on connecting students to real scenario of everyday inventions, it came up to celebrate the 2nd Digital Marketing Day on 16th December 2019. Department of Digital Marketing & Transformation invited Mr. Aakash Singh-Digital Marketing Strategist C Com Digital, Mr. Aditya Rana-Associate Director Logic serve Digital, Mr. Sudarshan Karweer-Founder Digigrowth & CMO Helios medium Bazaar Pvt. Ltd. And Mr. Pankaj Shrivastava- Clinic Spots for the panel discussion which was moderated by Mr. Sudipto Chakrobarty-Consultant, ITM Business School and Head Social Media, Logic serve Digital. The event started with the inauguration of Digital Marketing & Transformation (DMT-Lab) and followed by lightening of the lamp by Dr. Lakshmi Mohan-Director ITM Business School, Kharghar, Dr. Veni Nair-Assistant Director ITM Business School, Kharghar, Dr. Kalpana Kumaran-HOD Digital Marketing & Transformation, Prof. Yogita Rawat-Assistant Professor, Digital Marketing & Transformation and Prof. Megha Halyalkar-Assistant Professor, Digital Marketing & Transformation, ITM Kharghar and the Guests of the Panel. Even the guests were endowed with saplings which defines the greenery of the bond that ITM create with everyone.

Digital marketing skills are in high demand and the digital skills gap is set to widen, the job market is booming (and quite frankly bursting at the seams) and brands are putting more of a focus on digital marketing than ever before. So, the panel discussion started highlighting the trends of Digital Marketing.

The panel discussion started with hustling on the point of consumer journey. Panellists discussed about the changes in the consumer journey and persona. They highlighted marketing principles and techniques are still the same, but the persona of a consumer keeps on changing depending on the experience. Another interesting thing that was peaking-up the discussion was the AI. It was mentioned that though AI have come into scenario but still there is a need to build an emotional connect with the customers to build the connection and understand the need.

Panellists discussed about personalized, agile and moment marketing. Content is piece with moment marketing. It was also mentioned to do something which you have differently which can help you an edge over the other.

In Digital Marketing, there is nothing wrong or right thing, i.e. what works for today may not work for tomorrow, whatever works for one brand may not work for the other, but it may work a day later. It is all about trying learning and performing the best out of it.

The most important thing which was mentioned is that, Digital and Traditional Marketing is one team now and they work as pillars to build your brand name. Another important note was to make use of social media to build your brand strong. We were acknowledged to follow the correct hashtags, nice ideas and attractive but relevant content to enlarge our reach in Social Media Marketing.

The Key take-aways from the discussion were:

  • Agile Marketing applications.
  • Moment Marketing and its importance.
  • Though AI is coming skill set is very important.
  • Fundamentals of marketing don’t change consumer journey and persona change.
  • Read lots of stuffs regarding SEO, SEM, SMM.
  • Read and understand case- studies.
  • Stay up-to date.
  • Create own USP.

After the discussion, the panel was open to the house for question and answer session where students asked questions and got to know many insights on their doubts with positive response and enraptured hearing.

The event ended with vote of thanks.