Benefits of BCA Courses

There’s a lot of demand for BCA courses nowadays and it is increasing rapidly because of its benefits. It is an undergraduate course which mainly deals with the application of computers and computer programming. It deals with computer science and a lot more stuff about it such as programming and all.it is a 6-year-old course and comprises six semesters in total i.e. 2 semesters per year. It comprises subjects like database, networking, data structure, core programming languages like 'C' and 'java'. It also includes many more languages and it is expanding day by day as is gaining popularity among students. Doing a BCA course in Raipur can be the best decision of your life.

Why BCA in Raipur?

The ITM group of institutions are serving quality education since 1991. We focus on giving the right knowledge with top-class infrastructure, experienced faculty, and many other merits. Choosing Raipur for doing your BCA course can be the best option for you.

Benefits of doing BCA

  • Required very low investment 

As compared to the other courses like Bachelor of Technology, the investment in BCA is quite less. This means that you get to study nearly the same curriculum at a cheaper price. The course suits those individuals the best who are interested in affairs related to computers but could not afford to go for an engineering course. Also, for meritorious students scholarships are awarded which makes its cost even lesser.

With a BCA Degree in hand you have the opportunity of placing yourself in a good position in terms of securing a job. Having completed the degree from a top college, you can receive a job either from the college placements or by applying off-campus.

Thus, in a way, it could be asserted that with this degree in your bag you can start earning at an early stage in your life. With these things in mind and have learned the pros of the BCA Course, it could be quite inciting for you in terms of going for this course. 

Good scope for higher studies

After getting a bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications, you have the opportunity of going for higher studies and the best part is that the course options available after this program are far more than other prominent undergraduate courses.

The posts that one could try for after this program are also large in number. This way, choosing a career won’t be a difficult task for students as all of its domains are equally profitable. The options for post-graduation include Masters in Computer Applications (MCA), Masters in Computer Management (MCM), Masters in Information Management (MIM), Masters in Business Administration (MBA), etc. All of these programs take one to a good position and the career starts with a boom. From there on, it depends on the individual how high could he take himself with his knowledge and work.


Many of the people also got confused about whether this course is good for us. It has a clear cut answer which is Yes, BCA degree is valuable all over India. It is a graduation level degree that is related to the computer field. So if you are interested in the computer field then BCA is a good option for you. While BCA gives students a good technical knowledge, it is advisable to complete your MCA to give yourself career-wise push.you can work as a computer programmer, app developer and can also get internships at various platforms after completing your BCA.


 Scope of BCA courses

The world is evolving towards technology at a very fast pace. Our day to day needs are fulfilled through our computers and smartphones. Anyone who get a degree in BCA can get plenty of jobs in the tech field. You can also apply for various internships in the IT sector. If the candidate has work experience and all the necessary required skills then he/she can hold good positions in MNCs.

If we want deep knowledge in this field, then you can go for advanced courses such as MCA and Ph.D. MCA can be specialized in systems management, systems development, management information system, etc. After the completion of MCA, the candidate can also get the job of lecturer in any of the reputed institutions.

A career in which we can get involved after this are -:

  • Software Analyst
  • Technical Outsourcing
  • Computer System Organizer
  • Networking Managers
  • Developers

There are various other jobs that a person can get after getting a BCA course. Many big companies also look from where you have completed the course. Doing BCA from Raipur can serve as a launchpad for your career. You will get a deeper knowledge and get more opportunities after graduating from here. We give you a better exposure that makes you able to understand the right and wrong aspects of the field.