Benefit of B.Sc nursing

Many people are inclined to healthcare for making a career. B.Sc Nursing is one such course, the duration is of 4 years. It is an undergraduate course in healthcare and any student who has studied biology in class 12th can go for it.

It prepares students to serve patients by looking after them and helping them in situations of medical emergencies. This work is also equivalent to serving humanity as you look after the ill.

You will learn many things related to the human body such as anatomy, physiology, etc.

The average salary is around 2 to 4 lakh in starting.

Advantages of B.Sc Nursing Course

Completing your diploma in B.Sc nursing gives you several advantages. It is a registered course under the Indian Nursing Council (INC). Many students after finishing this course can work in many government hospitals and other private sector hospitals. Nurses can help a patient to a greater extent by treating him. You may work as a full-time nurse, serving severely ill patients in their houses. some other advantages of completing a B.Sc course in Nursing are

Decent salary :

 one of the most important perk is that nurses can earn a decent amount of salary in the starting as a fresher.AS you will gain more and more experience you will start earning more and more. Your passion towards work and some extra knowledge can help you get more income. You should try to learn different other things related to your domain, making you more suitable for work. 

Different perks :

 There are several perks you will receive while doing your nursing profession. You can get free food, sometimes accommodation and many other things. These perks made this profession a more comfortable for nurses.

Paid leaves :

 Everyone deserves a break sometimes from their work. What will be more good than getting a paid leave? Yes, you heard it right, you can get several paid leaves in Nursing. You can also get other leaves like sick leaves, emergency leaves, etc.

These were some of the benefits you get after doing a B.Sc nursing course. There are many other benefits you will receive. You will get a lot of respect as this is a work where you get to help people. Anyone who has an interest in social work or wants to serve people can look after this. Remember you should have studied biology in your class 12th with more than 45%, there is no requirement of clearing the NEET exam as of now.